Dibujos Invitation

PRESS RELEASE For immediate release For More Info/Visuals:
ART EXHIBITION Contact: Reyes Rodriguez
March 2, 2009 213.481.8112

Artists 28-artist group exhibition
Exhibition Dates: March 28 – April 25, 2009
Artist Reception: Saturday, March 28 7-10 pm

Tropico de Nopal Gallery – Art Space
1665 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles (Echo Park), CA 90026
213.481.8112 www.tropicodenopal.com
Gallery Hours: Wed – Sat 12- 5 pm

Los Angeles, California -Tropico de Nopal Gallery-Art Space presents DIBUJOS: EMERGENCY LANDING, a drawing group exhibition featuring up and coming and established artists, many who will exhibit for the first time at Tropico de Nopal.

As we get ready to face the changes implemented by the new administration and recover from the coma of the last eight years, it is becoming clearer that we could read the word “hope” as “fend for yourselves”. Regardless of where one stands on the issues, whether optimistic or pay no heed, we must all brace for what’s to come, an emergency landing of sorts, a reality check we did not sign up for.  DIBUJOS: EMERGENCY LANDING will showcase a strong series of drawings, dibujos, that can be viewed as personal, social, political—or all or the above—and also as drawings that will be recognized as having been produced in this unsettlingly and unfamiliar political moment.

DiBUJOS: EMERGENCY LANDING will consist of drawings created with a variety of traditional and non traditional drawing tools on various surfaces no larger than 20×24” in size.

Participating artists are: Abel Alejandre, Ana Serrano, Arturo E. Romo-Santillano, Barbara Carrasco, Carolyn Castaño, Charles Glaubitz, Chris Garcia, Cici Segura Gonzalez, Cindy Suriyani, Daniel Gonzalez, David Avalos, Edith Abeyta, Gwen Mercado-Reyes, Jeaneen Carlino, José Lozano, Linda Arreola, Marianne Sadowski, Omar Nava, Oscar Sanabria, Poli Marichal, Roberto Delgado, Rebeca Guerrero, Reyes Rodriguez, Sandy Rodriguez, Shizu Saldamando, Thomas Lee Bakofsky, Vincent Valdez and Yreina Cervantez.

Opening reception is scheduled for Saturday March 28 (7pm-10pm), with an artists’ roundtable discussion on Thursday, April 16 (7:30pm). Work will be on view during gallery hours or by appointment.