Public Secrets



Events of significance are reframed or colored by the secrets we laugh at, evangelize, believe, or run away from. “Public Secrets” is a new painting series that deals with conspiracies, family secrets, and UFOs. Such secrets can provide comfort as they surround us in an ordinary sort of way. The world is shaped and given a form we can recognize and somehow feel included in on the joke. The air we breathe, the technology we love and love to hate, our illnesses, our leaders and their overseers, untold histories; it is all suspect. Upon closer inspection, we see there is an invisible needle that threads and weaves rich tapestry of truths and untruths.

This is not a proper examination of such a daunting subject. It is less the anatomy of conspiracies and more a poking of the head into a mesmerizing and wonderful rabbit hole. The series is approached with curiosity. Do we not all conspire to hide our role in endeavors others might frown upon?