Online launch of Atelier Visit!

Happy New Year to everyone! I am wishing all good thing for you all. Proud to say that I brought in the New Year with the launch of Atelier Visit. This is an online launch only & want to share it with everyone. Please share with everyone you know.

Atelier Visit: An investigation of the creative process

Almost twenty years ago, I had an idea for a project. I wanted to publish a magazine about the established artists I knew. More specifically, I wanted to capture the conversations that we had. The emphasis wouldn’t be so much on the work but instead the process of making art. However, for lack of: time; funds; storage space; technical know how; experience; scalability and/or network of contacts the project didn’t happen. Time has certainly changed all of that; the most significant change being the Internet and the “open source movement.” There is a new spirit of collaboration that makes my vision timely. Niche publications and low production cost are now the future of publishing. Through this beautiful opportunity I am able to compose a modest online publication.

I am a Visual Artist publicly and have been consistently exhibiting work since 1984. I am mostly a Los Angeles artist wanting to do my own work wherever it may be welcomed. While continuing to search for my artistic voice I worked as an Illustrator, Designer, Art Director, Production and Creative Manager. Through the last twelve years I have spent in publishing, I have learned not only about content management, but the technical aspects of putting together print and online publications. I have worked with more than forty publications throughout the course of my career. I am fortunate to say that I’ve worked on daily, weekly, monthly and annual publications with large, small and no staff. This experience has given me a realistic expectation of what is possible.

Atelier Visit, for now, is only a two-year project in the form of an online magazine with January 01, 2010 as the planned soft launch date. Since there aren’t enough funds for a launch party or a full marketing campaign, the promotion and marketing of Atelier Visit will begin with social media and RSS feeds. As opportunities make themselves available, promotion will be made.

Atelier Visit is an investigation of the creative process as our contemporary art makers practice it. The project’s objective is to document the creative process by interviewing, broadcasting and archiving video interviews of artists in their creative spaces. Video, written work, and photography will make the core of Atelier Visit’s content. It will be available at no cost online over the next 24 months with a planned annual print edition. This project is a labor of love so I do not expect to make any money. I do, however, hope that funds from online advertising will help offset equipment and print costs.

Collaborators will include Visual Artists, Writers, Editors, Filmmakers, Poets, and Musicians.

In the spirit of collaboration the interviews will be in the artist’s native language. Translations will be made available when they are possible.