Man’s Apetite (La Hambre del Hombre)

Size (Medidas): 40” x 32” (101.6 cm x 81.28 cm)
Medium (Técnica): chalk pastel on paper (pastel tiza sobre papel)
Year (Año): 2011

This work is about man’s appetites and needs. The woman provides what he is unable to provide for himself. She is the warrior who nourishes, protects, defends and apologizes on his behalf. A man without a woman is a lost scoundrel—a devil who is misunderstood and hungry for her guidance and companionship. He can not stop his quest and thirst for her. For him, courtship is theatre—he pursues the woman by portraying himself as the poor tortured devil who can only be saved by her empathy and flesh. When there is an offspring the cycle begins.

Biographically, I blended a Michoacan ceremonial mask into that of the man’s face. I come from a region named “Tierra Caliente” where the omnipresent sun beats down on us all. This part is not necessary to decipher mood or meaning; the subtle symbology at work are only the birthmarks of my creation.

I have no doubt that there is a subconscious level also at work but I leave it to others to draw their own conclusions and meaning. Once the work is released it doesn’t owe me anything.