March 13 – April 3

Committed to the Line

Opening Reception Thursday, March 9, 5-7pm

Artist in Residence Demonstrations: March 13 – 19

Artist Lecture: March 14, 7pm in Wilshire Auditorium

Gallery Hours: Monday –  Thursday: 10am – 12pm / 2 – 4pm
Evenings: March 20 & 29 / 6 – 8pm

Abel Alejandre frequently explores the public and private spheres of masculinity. He has spent time examining the concept of masculinity, manhood, and codes of conduct through the lives of men in his life. He has come across no definitive answers, and seeks only to record, and to interpret, a lifetime of observation.

In his own words, an artist’s particular style – his mark – has more significant than a fingerprint or a signature. It is, in point of fact, one of the building blocks of the artist’s DNA. It must be etched with purpose, signifying commitment. It matters not if the mark is smudged or dragged or pushed or erased or redrawn. If that is the imprint, so be it.  ink of the act as a tattoo that impregnates the surface.

Past Artist in Residence have included: Wayne Thiebaud, Florence Arnald, Nathan Oliviera, Dimitri Hadzi, José Luis Cuevas, Peter Alexander, Jack Beal, Carol Summers, Ynez Johnston, Michael Schlicting, Jack Zajac, Leslie Gabrielse, John Nava, Miriam Shapiro, Jim Morphesis, John Frame, John Alexaner, Ruth Ellen Weisberg, Milford Zornes, Roland Reiss, Frank Romero, Terry Allen, Mike Sheehan, Raul Anguiano, Justin Sweet, Alyssa Monks, Todd Frahm, Philip Cornelius, Sandow Bikrk, Hung Liu, Gronk, Marlo Bartels, Mia Tavonatti, Ben Jackel, Thomas Campbell, and Lesley Dill.

Fullerton College is honored to present Abel Alejandre as its 2017 Artist in Residence.

The Artist In Residence Program is a continuing project coordinated by the Fullerton College Art Department originally established in 1972. Through this program, world-renowned artists are invited to the Fullerton College campus to exhibit their work and interact with students while providing insight into their various artistic careers. All listed events are always free and open to the public.

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