Serigraph print edition at SHG

“Who’s Afraid?”, 14″h x 15″w, four color, edition of 60, paper Coventry Rag 290 grms, year 2012


I was invited by Joe Alpuch to participate at Self Help Graphics in an atelier to make a serighraph edition. The atelier is called “Cuentos de mi Tata” and there are four invited artists. It is about the stories our fathers told us as children. My piece is about “El Cucuy”—is a ghost-monster equivalent to the boogeyman but not really. The Cucuy is a child eater and a kidnapper, it immediately devours the child and leaves no trace of her or it takes the child away to a place of no return, but it only does this to disobedient children. While my work taps “El Cucuy” as a subject it is more about modern day fears. The question I ask is, “who is El Cucuy’s boogeyman”.