My interview with Artist Myron Kaufman

Interview with Artist Myron Kaufman is the latest published interview for
Atelier Visit project


Interview with Myron Kaufman from Atelier Visit on Vimeo.

I interviewed Brooklyn born Artist Myron Kaufman who generously shared his time with me for my Atelier Visit project. He to discussed his work and thoughts on art. The interview/dialogue was filmed in his Pasadena studio in 2010. Mr. Kaufman’s work has been shown at Project 210 and Offramp Galleries in Pasadena.

This video is part of a series in which I usually interview, record, edit, and publish conversations with contemporary artists discussing the creative process.

Date of Work: 2010
Year Created/composed: 2010
Year Produced: 2011
Year Premiered: 2011
Length: 12:04

Discussion opens up with Artist offering personal background about his life. Samples of his work are shown.

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